Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I love this guy

I love that the other day, I wrote about Justin and now this.  Let me say one more time how amazing this guy is. So I have been wanting a DSLR forever and hell-o they are expensive, anyways I always talk about them to Justin and he really doesn't understand the difference between and point and shoot and a DSLR so he just listens to me talk and I pointed out one in the best buy Monday night while we were booking our Florida trip.  Justin goes to school Tuesday morning and when he arrived home I was all crazy chasing kids around and cleaning when Braxton comes out of my mom with a Nikon D3100 around his neck and says " Happy Mothers Day". I almost cried but I was to excited.  I know it isn't mothers day yet but in The Reynolds don't do very well with surprises but I was defiantly surprised.  I was just thinking about buying a cheap digital camera because mine is broke and my lover went and blew my mind.  I love this guy

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