Thursday, May 27, 2010

32 Weeks


Summer is definitely here thinks to the beautiful Texas sunshine and I have a bad feeling these last 8 weeks are going to be the longest weeks of the Summer, but I am thankful that it will end in July and not September like Braxton Jace. School is out but we have taken on a project much bigger then bookwork like buying a house...if we find one and hopefully before the baby comes. Just imagining pack, moving and unpacking with a newborn is not my idea of a fun summer. The good news regardless of where we move Braxton birthday follows and we will actually have room to have people over...yay!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

30 Weeks and Counting
I am now 30 weeks pregnant and man has it been a long journey. None the less we are so exciting and ready for this baby to make his appearance, but not before we come up with a name ( we seem to have a problem picking). Braxton felt his little brother move today and was a little shocked and then distracted by Diego so that is that. School is finally out and I have passed all my classes...GO ME! Now I will attempt to makes some baby objects with my spare time , I made a diaper last night and was super excited that it actually looked like a diaper it is a little small so I put it on Braxton boy baby that grandma gave him.