Monday, October 25, 2010


Life has definitely been a little hectic since the little man and the big house but we finally got to take a little break and head up to Arkansas to see my beautiful grandma. The last time we were up there was last year and to head over my papal to heaven so we didn't enjoy our self to much, but this year Braxton, Memaw and Grandma had lots of fun running around outside. The moment we arrived Braxton wanted to go feed the chickens and go to the train tracks, he was in heaven, all the space in the world and not sure of which way to go. I am super glad my mother was there to chase him around because it wouldn't of been half as fun with my hauling Gunner around after Braxton, especially after my grandma told us about this rat she has in the pond. Well my mom saw this rat in the water and her and B were determined to catch and kill it so Braxton was on an adventure in the boat, long story short what they thought was a nutria rat was actually a beaver after they had shot and drag it to shore. I would say that this is a sad story because the beaver on Tigger and Pooh is super cute, this one was not. I actually was pretty freaked out by the sight and the thought that the thing was swimming around eating the tress and all the fish out of my poor grandma's pond....yuk! Braxton will proudly tell you that he hit it with a stick, GO B!

After the beaver was eliminated :) Our trip was back to normal, we rode around on my Papal ranger with all the boys of the house. Driving around and around the pond made me miss my papal so much and wish that Gunner were able to just spend a few days with him. Gosh, Braxton would of loved him so much and I know the feeling would of been mutual. The funny thing is Braxton last saw him when he was maybe 18 months but know who he is like he is still around because we all talk about him so much, he was a grump ol' man but he was the best one around. In the end we had a wonderful time and wish that my grandma didn't live so far away so we could escape to grandma's house when mommy's needs a little break.

Friday, August 6, 2010

We are up and running...finally

The last couple weeks have been more then crazy but i love it... we just got the internet yesterday so i will be updating for the past 2.5 weeks. Can't wait to relive the experience of my new boy and new home.

Monday, July 12, 2010

This post is about a week and half late but I wanted to share of day of fun with everyone. Because Justin works Saturday nights are day did not start intill 3 p.m as we made are way to Magnolia to spend some time with the family. This was definitly not Braxton first 4th of July but his first to experiance his own fireworks, so I was super excited. Justin let me go to the fireworks stand by myself so I get to pick out Braxton first...yay me...he told me not to go over-board and I did well. I left with Sparklers, Smoke Bombs, Little Tanks, and some Cone thing. Braxton was not feeling the Sparklers so much but he loved the Tanks and the Smoke

Later that night we headed over to the Freedom and Fireworks in Magnolia at the new Unity Park where we played in water, and had the best 4th of July snack ever " Watermelon". Braxton loved the fireworks and was pretty mad when they were all over but the hour and half drive home was a repeat as we watch everyines firework from Magnolia to Galveston.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Under Contract

So with all that is happening in the next month and a half..example new baby, lease is up, and then school, we have been looking around at different option for a new living space. The two bedrooms here at our apartments are super nice with a garage and all the bells and whistle but what can bet a house of your own. We have been on the hunt for quite some time, being that Justin works 12hr shift it is hard to do much of anything when he works but, have manage the time to find one that we always seem to go back to. Owning a home would be like living a whole new life, no worrying about how close I am going to get to park with all of these grocery or if Braxton is going to want to walk of the stairs or will his legs not be working. To say the least I was a little more anxious about finding a place then Justin but he sees payment and I see space. After many many hours of logging our expenses vs. pay and pros and cons of lease vs. rent, we decided to make an offer on this house. Of course they countered and Justin started working again so we waited and a week later made another offer and they accepted...SO we are officially under contract on what I hope to be our new home. It is a great starter home for us first time buyers and I am super excited about the boys being able to have their own rooms and a backyard all to themselves (once we replace the jungle with grass). Now if only I could finish school and really get the ball rolling on this love called Life.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

32 Weeks


Summer is definitely here thinks to the beautiful Texas sunshine and I have a bad feeling these last 8 weeks are going to be the longest weeks of the Summer, but I am thankful that it will end in July and not September like Braxton Jace. School is out but we have taken on a project much bigger then bookwork like buying a house...if we find one and hopefully before the baby comes. Just imagining pack, moving and unpacking with a newborn is not my idea of a fun summer. The good news regardless of where we move Braxton birthday follows and we will actually have room to have people over...yay!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

30 Weeks and Counting
I am now 30 weeks pregnant and man has it been a long journey. None the less we are so exciting and ready for this baby to make his appearance, but not before we come up with a name ( we seem to have a problem picking). Braxton felt his little brother move today and was a little shocked and then distracted by Diego so that is that. School is finally out and I have passed all my classes...GO ME! Now I will attempt to makes some baby objects with my spare time , I made a diaper last night and was super excited that it actually looked like a diaper it is a little small so I put it on Braxton boy baby that grandma gave him.