Monday, October 25, 2010


Life has definitely been a little hectic since the little man and the big house but we finally got to take a little break and head up to Arkansas to see my beautiful grandma. The last time we were up there was last year and to head over my papal to heaven so we didn't enjoy our self to much, but this year Braxton, Memaw and Grandma had lots of fun running around outside. The moment we arrived Braxton wanted to go feed the chickens and go to the train tracks, he was in heaven, all the space in the world and not sure of which way to go. I am super glad my mother was there to chase him around because it wouldn't of been half as fun with my hauling Gunner around after Braxton, especially after my grandma told us about this rat she has in the pond. Well my mom saw this rat in the water and her and B were determined to catch and kill it so Braxton was on an adventure in the boat, long story short what they thought was a nutria rat was actually a beaver after they had shot and drag it to shore. I would say that this is a sad story because the beaver on Tigger and Pooh is super cute, this one was not. I actually was pretty freaked out by the sight and the thought that the thing was swimming around eating the tress and all the fish out of my poor grandma's pond....yuk! Braxton will proudly tell you that he hit it with a stick, GO B!

After the beaver was eliminated :) Our trip was back to normal, we rode around on my Papal ranger with all the boys of the house. Driving around and around the pond made me miss my papal so much and wish that Gunner were able to just spend a few days with him. Gosh, Braxton would of loved him so much and I know the feeling would of been mutual. The funny thing is Braxton last saw him when he was maybe 18 months but know who he is like he is still around because we all talk about him so much, he was a grump ol' man but he was the best one around. In the end we had a wonderful time and wish that my grandma didn't live so far away so we could escape to grandma's house when mommy's needs a little break.

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