Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The holidays have come to a close and I am surprised to say that I am glad that life is back to normal. I say normal but as normal as it will get in two weeks Justin and I will both be in school for the first time together and not to sure how I feel about this, I just pray that all goes well. Back to the holidays... Santa was good to us and our boys, well mainly Braxton but he is 3 and it's all worth it. His amazing Papal gifted him with his first big boy four wheeler and he is now forgot about his scooter and new bicycle he got for his birthday for the four wheeler. We have had about 4 Christmases and still missed one but we can make up for it next year.

So we have decided to start the New Year off with some home renovation,our fireplace. For starters it was super ugly and now its gone and we are rebuilding and which I am so happy about it. We have moved our t.v from one wall to over the fireplace and I love it. Let me say when I say we I really mean Justin because I usually just watch and give my opinion. It is a work in progress but love it already.

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