Saturday, June 26, 2010

Under Contract

So with all that is happening in the next month and a half..example new baby, lease is up, and then school, we have been looking around at different option for a new living space. The two bedrooms here at our apartments are super nice with a garage and all the bells and whistle but what can bet a house of your own. We have been on the hunt for quite some time, being that Justin works 12hr shift it is hard to do much of anything when he works but, have manage the time to find one that we always seem to go back to. Owning a home would be like living a whole new life, no worrying about how close I am going to get to park with all of these grocery or if Braxton is going to want to walk of the stairs or will his legs not be working. To say the least I was a little more anxious about finding a place then Justin but he sees payment and I see space. After many many hours of logging our expenses vs. pay and pros and cons of lease vs. rent, we decided to make an offer on this house. Of course they countered and Justin started working again so we waited and a week later made another offer and they accepted...SO we are officially under contract on what I hope to be our new home. It is a great starter home for us first time buyers and I am super excited about the boys being able to have their own rooms and a backyard all to themselves (once we replace the jungle with grass). Now if only I could finish school and really get the ball rolling on this love called Life.