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Braxton is pre-K now and pretty much has a love/hate relationship with school.  He loves that he is in school but he hates that he always gets in trouble when he comes home EVERYDAY with a sad face.  I know that he isn't disobedient but... he has a slight problem with the volume of his voice and finding the indoor controls.  I can not believe he will be 6 this year.

I am now 39 Weeks and a couple days misarable, beside that fact we are all really great. Justin and I have started packing and Braxton has decieded he does not like it so much when his toys are in boxes. He is super excited about buying a new house, he told me my that we got it at the store, lol. Yesterday we went to Discovery Green for a few hours and played our little hearts out in the heat. While we were there we took some super cute brother belly picture thinks to Amber Reynolds.

He usually is not the first to jump at taking a picture but when we pulled out the paint he was all for it. I was very proud of my little man for being so darn cute. If only his little brother would make an apperance life will be grand.

Braxton Jace Reynolds

Braxton Jace Reynolds was born on September 17, 2007 weighing in at 8lbs 3oz, really couldn't imagine a better little baby for the first 30 month but recently he is just to big for his breaches, but wouldn't change it for the world.

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Almost three years later we will be welcoming our second little boy into the world, it seems appropriate to state a name but we don't have one so you don't get one.  We had a really hard time choosing Braxton so I am hoping that his will be just as amazing.

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