Monday, July 12, 2010

This post is about a week and half late but I wanted to share of day of fun with everyone. Because Justin works Saturday nights are day did not start intill 3 p.m as we made are way to Magnolia to spend some time with the family. This was definitly not Braxton first 4th of July but his first to experiance his own fireworks, so I was super excited. Justin let me go to the fireworks stand by myself so I get to pick out Braxton first...yay me...he told me not to go over-board and I did well. I left with Sparklers, Smoke Bombs, Little Tanks, and some Cone thing. Braxton was not feeling the Sparklers so much but he loved the Tanks and the Smoke

Later that night we headed over to the Freedom and Fireworks in Magnolia at the new Unity Park where we played in water, and had the best 4th of July snack ever " Watermelon". Braxton loved the fireworks and was pretty mad when they were all over but the hour and half drive home was a repeat as we watch everyines firework from Magnolia to Galveston.

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