Sunday, February 24, 2013

A whole year has gone by

I cannot believe that it is almost time for spring break 2013. I created this blog to record memories, emotions and obviously my opinion because that is the only one that really matters...but I am not doing so well at being consistent, am I?  I have been thinking about it (blogging) but every time I go to sit down, something comes up and I never come back.  It is a new year, and big things are going to happen.  School is already kicking my butt, but I am getting it. Justin and I are on the road to recovery, I pray.  And of course, I  have the most beautiful boys and family that is forever surrounding me.  Pretty much since before Gunner could even drink a sippy cup we have been traveling from place to place like a little Gypsy family and life in general has not been stable for us at all but, I am going to make this year what every little boy would want. His family, lots of toys and space to play in and lots of one or one time.  My big boy told me the other day that his " neck is growed so big up his neck", mind you, he is 2 and I literally cried and replayed " Yes, baby I know".  I feel like I have failed as a mother when it comes to him for the way that our lives have been lately but I look at him and think, he is only 2, and know that we have a wonderful future in store.  

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