Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Spring Break

Omg, I am so bad at updating especially since I can see the end of the tunnel with this semester. The boys keep me busy and we finally are starting to get somewhere with the backyard ( i will post some picture to follow). So the signs of summer are amongst us and you am so excited. I am especially white and have not been to the gym in two weeks but who cares last year at this time I was huge prego so I think I have made a bit of an improvement. Just a few weeks back we went on our first family vacation to San Antonio. Our first stop, The River Walk. I think this was my first time to go with a child in head so it was a little nerve racking because you have like 3 feet on sidewalk to share with the whole world so that sucks but once we got on the river boat and ate dinner we were done with all that.
Next up was the Alamo, which Braxton could really care a-less for but I always enjoy just standing there staring at it, I love history and to have something so beautiful in our sights with such a story, i could stay there forever. If I had more free time I would probably be one of those history nerds that do the reenactments, that would be bad ass, except that I am a women and they didn't do much fighting so I would have to dress as a man.

We were only in San Antonio for the night and the next morning was Sea World. It was Braxton's first time to go and I hadn't been probably since I was like 6 so I was just as excited. He was a little unsure of the Killer Whale, one because of his name and two because he loves Finding Nemo and the Whale in there eats Dorie, so that is what he says. During the show he was on top of Justin the whole time but after wards he was talking about the "whale killer" so I do believe he enjoy it. The day was filled with Sea Lion Shows, Penguins and THE SHARKS!!! It was packed because of Spring Break but beside that I loved it, and plans to go back very soon...especially since we bought fun passes, good till 01/12.

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